Will Use It Forever

I was struggling with a lot of redness and scabbing on my face for the past 2 years. I tried everything and I was starting to feel lost, the dermatologist gave me some stuff that didn’t help, then I found this soap and as soon as I used it I could tell a difference. I love this product and will use it forever.


Found My Skincare Home

I knew I needed to leave a review after a friend told me that my skin looked amazing and asked what I was doing differently. I told her that I had started using the LS Topaz Botanicals from Lilly Sage Apothecary and loved how they made my skin look and feel. So lightweight and easily added to my daily ritual. I have very sensitive skin and have had zero issues with any skincare products I’ve used. I’ve found my skincare home! PS: The deodorant is also amazing!


Transformed My Skin

What an amazing experience I had while shopping Lilly Sage! The owner, Carol, was able to help me transform my skin with her Topaz botanical skincare line. I’ve dealt with acne for a long time and it’s been impossible to find products that worked for my skin type. However, when I was told about all of the things that Topaz provides to ALL skin types, I was fascinated to learn that Topaz works for ALL skin types. The hyaluronic acid has completely smoothed my skin’s previously rough texture. Topaz has helped me become more confident. I am so happy that I finally found my perfect match. I recommend these products to everyone!


Topaz Botanical Facial Oil Is Incredible

I am an esthetician and incredibly picky as to the facial massage oils that use on my clients and on my face. The Topaz Botanical Facial Oil is incredible! It’s beautifully moisturizing without ever clogging the pores. I love seeing the gorgeous glow on my clients’ skin after their facial massages. I have been using it for quite a few months now and the long term results are truly impressive. The ingredients in this facial oil are absolutely beautiful and meticulously sourced. Topaz Botanical Face Oil is now a permanent tool I use for my clients and myself. I am so excited to have it and to have Carol and her gorgeous Lilly Sage Apothecary nearby!


Natural and Gentle For My Skin

Lilly Sage is my go to place for my skincare. Topaz has helped me so much with . My rosacea is also gone! I started with their charcoal soap bar which did wonders to clean without leaving my skin dry. I have since added their charcoal mask which I use weekly or bi-weekly. Daily, I use the eye gel, hyaluronic serum and moisturizer. At night I use the oil to add hydration but it never clogs my pores. I know all of the ingredients are natural and gentle for my skin. I have sensitivities to gluten (celiac) and never have to worry about additives, sulfates, parabens, etc. These products are the best.


New Botanical Line, Topaz, Keeps Me Coming Back

Lilly Sage Apothecary was always a cute shop for gifts but now its new botanical line, Topaz, keeps me coming back. The skincare line is so good that my aesthetician thought that I’d seen another aesthetician on the sly. These products are as amazing as the woman that make them. Natural and artisanal from a woman-owned business – what more could we want?


Hidden Gem

Lily Sage Apothecary is a hidden gem in Roswell. It’s always my go to for lotions, candles and gifts, but recently I tried some products from their new skincare line, Topaz. My skin is prone to breakouts and I’m always a little hesitant to try new facial products, but I’ve been so impressed with this line! After two months with the Topaz Botanical Facial Moisturizer my skin feels so smooth and hydrated. I also love the Revitalizing Eye Gel. I use it every day to de-puff and get an instant glow. Unlike other eye gels I’ve tried in the past this one is the perfect consistency and absorbs quickly and evenly. I would highly recommend checking out Lily Sage Apothecary and the new Topaz line.


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Combined LS.Topaz and Lilly Sage Reviews